Sheryl Cantey, Psy.D
CanteyPsyD, LLC

Dr. Cantey, a clinical psychologist with more than 30 years of experience, is committed to providing the highest quality of professional psychological care to adults, seniors and couples.  She specializes in the mental health issues of women across the life span. Her current passion is working with the midlife woman who is often experiencing a variety of life experiences that impact mental health including: physical changes, empty nest syndrome, re-entering the work force, toxic relationships, gray divorce, retirement and/or caring for aging parents or children. Midlife can be a time of awakening, new possibilities and self empowerment.  

Dr. Cantey uses an integrative approach with empirically validated forms of therapy.  She offers a Christian perspective for people of Faith.  However, she welcomes all individuals seeking active support and healing.

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Phone: 843-259-2253